Go at Your Own Pace

I came across Mr. Turtle on my way home this morning. 11420148_10206917679122676_402779468_o (1)He reminded me that it is okay to go at my own pace. To trust my journey, and realize, I am exactly where I should be at, at just the right time.

And you know what? I think it is safe to say, “So are you.”

Only moments before I ran into Mr. Turtle, I was sitting in my car and had thoughts try to take up residence in my mind. Had it not been for Turtle, that might have happened.

These were the thoughts:

  • I am slow. Too slow.
  • Everything in my life moves slow.
  • I do things much slower than other people.

All these thoughts are false.I am thankful Mr. Turtle was put on my path to remind me that my thoughts were false.

The BIGGEST problem, was the last thought.
Comparing ourselves to other people does not allow us to live our best live. Plus this type of comparison, can drain us of all our ‘HAPPY’, and all the while cause us to be much less than we were created to be.

Each of us is unique in our own right. We were made for a purpose. We were made for such a time as this.

When I looked down at Mr. Turtle, (BTW: I never did officially check the gander of the turtle) he was doing what he was made to do. Going along his way being a turtle. He wasn’t trying to be a fish, dog, or any other animal. He was complete in being a turtle. At his pace, doing his purpose.

As I watched him, I had new thoughts. Thoughts that replaced the false ones form earlier:

  • Look at this turtle, slow, yet doing what he was created to do.
  • Pleasing his Creator by doing what he was made to do. Living his live at his pace.
  • His creator loves him, just the way he is. My creator loves me, just the way I am.

So, go at your own pace. Sometimes, it might be fast, and sometimes slow. As long as you are going, doing, living your purpose, that’s what matters.


2 thoughts on “Go at Your Own Pace

  1. Glenniesia says:

    I am truly grateful 4 our divine meeting bcuz this was a super appointed message just 4 me. I too ran n 2 a Mr. Turtle yesterday and he surely was going at his own pace. Thank u Lord 4 the revelation n this message.

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