They Had Me At The Donuts


We all have doubts that we can often let hold us back. Accepting our doubts without allowing them to hold us back is key to living our best life. Accepting yourself and others while ‘living on’ ‘moving forward’ is what will propel you to the next level needed in order to live the life you have dreamed about.

Over a year ago, I was scrolling Facebook and my eyes caught a picture of donuts. Chocolate donuts! The post mentioned the donuts were made using only healthy ingredients, so I knew I had to try them.
Really…it was the picture that captured me. They had me at Chocolate donuts. I didn’t need to know anymore.

Since those first donuts, a lot has changed with me. I would like to take you along that journey of how I have grown in hopes of shedding some light along your path and  encourage you as you contemplate taking steps towards living you dream or  learning how to accept yourself and others and ‘Live On’.

My journey started before the Spring of 2015, but for time sake that’s where I will start.

Livewell in Newburgh, IN. has played a huge whole in my journey. The owners Shawn & Molly Angel along with their staff have been a beacon on my path of discovering my strengths and weaknesses and learning to embrace them equally while maintaining love and respect for myself.

Join me if you will as I take you along this journey of looking inward and seeing changes both inwardly and outwardly.

Here’s to health, peace-of-mind and Living Well.
Livewell has helped me achieve all that.


Yoga After Fifty


As a young teenage girl, I had wanted to go to New York and study dance. My ultimate dream was to be a Rocket. 
My parents encouraged that dream as much as they could with words of affirmation. They assured me I could do anything I set my mind to do. They even said I had the legs for it.  
My parents were poor and could never afford formal dance lessons. I had no idea how all of it was going to fall into place, but I knew it was what I wanted.

While other girls were dreaming of their wedding day, I was dreaming of the Big Apple.
My dream never came to be. I married extremely young and was mainly a stay at home mom. 
No regrets.

I gave my heart to Jesus at 16-years-of-age, a month before I married. Over the years, while my three daughters were young and I was tending to them, I learned a lot about God, studied the Bible and listened to good teachers. 
No regrets.

All those years I always felt a pull to go to college. I was a high-school dropout and never felt like I amounted to much. I would often say very self-loathing things to myself, and unfortunately, I listened to them. Whether I realized it or not, I listened. 
To make matters worse, I never listened to the part of me that was crying out to be fed.
While feeding my family, I forgot to feed Charlotte. 
Even though I was feeding on God’s word, I was still neglecting myself. 
While I found salvation for my soul, I lost freedom. The freedom, I should have never lost.   

In January of 2011, I started college and started the fulfilling of a twenty-seven-year-old dream!    
I have since earned an AS, and am currently working on my BS. 
I am finally ‘listening to myself’. 

I celebrated my 52nd. Birthday on August 16th.
I started a regular yoga practice earlier this year, and I recommend for each individual to have his or her own yoga practice. Make it your own.  Do not fall into the compare game, and do not be hard on yourself.

I have gained strength, softness, self-awareness, and an inner peace and beauty through the practice of yoga that I never knew existed.
I listen to my body and my spirit. I listen to and trust my intuitions. 

While doing eagle today in my yoga practice I stood in front of the barre, in case I needed help balancing. If you need props, use them. Yoga is not about changing yourself, but learning to love yourself where you are. Use the props.

I had to use the barre on my first leg, but then something happened…I remembered when I was a young teenage girl, before all the lies, hurt and judgments. I knew I could do Eagle pose, maybe not perfect, but with some poise and grace.
While I will never be 14 years old again; I will always be that girl who loves dance, has a passion for freedom of expression and at that moment, I allowed myself that freedom. Maybe I always should.

I did Eagle Pose! I did it – to me anyways – with poise and grace. FREE! 
Beautiful, free me.
It is as if God has given me that little room at Livewell in my hometown to be me. 
Wild, sweet, playful, whimsical me.

I hope you will allow yourself to be the unique you, you are.  
Go to your time before the world hurt you before you put limitations on yourself. Go there and be FREE!



Go at Your Own Pace

I came across Mr. Turtle on my way home this morning. 11420148_10206917679122676_402779468_o (1)He reminded me that it is okay to go at my own pace. To trust my journey, and realize, I am exactly where I should be at, at just the right time.

And you know what? I think it is safe to say, “So are you.”

Only moments before I ran into Mr. Turtle, I was sitting in my car and had thoughts try to take up residence in my mind. Had it not been for Turtle, that might have happened.

These were the thoughts:

  • I am slow. Too slow.
  • Everything in my life moves slow.
  • I do things much slower than other people.

All these thoughts are false.I am thankful Mr. Turtle was put on my path to remind me that my thoughts were false.

The BIGGEST problem, was the last thought.
Comparing ourselves to other people does not allow us to live our best live. Plus this type of comparison, can drain us of all our ‘HAPPY’, and all the while cause us to be much less than we were created to be.

Each of us is unique in our own right. We were made for a purpose. We were made for such a time as this.

When I looked down at Mr. Turtle, (BTW: I never did officially check the gander of the turtle) he was doing what he was made to do. Going along his way being a turtle. He wasn’t trying to be a fish, dog, or any other animal. He was complete in being a turtle. At his pace, doing his purpose.

As I watched him, I had new thoughts. Thoughts that replaced the false ones form earlier:

  • Look at this turtle, slow, yet doing what he was created to do.
  • Pleasing his Creator by doing what he was made to do. Living his live at his pace.
  • His creator loves him, just the way he is. My creator loves me, just the way I am.

So, go at your own pace. Sometimes, it might be fast, and sometimes slow. As long as you are going, doing, living your purpose, that’s what matters.